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The Rise Guys Morning Show on New Rock 93.3 The Planet is the best radio show in the city of Greenville, SC. This is not just my personal opinion but also the opinion of the majority of radio listeners in the city. They will be hosting this year’s Birthday Bash Concert in Simpsonville, SC.

The studio for The Rise Guys and New Rock 93.3 The Planet is located on Garlington Rd, near Woodruff Rd in Greenville. This broadcasting building is actually home to a number of different radio stations that are owned by Entercom Upstate. In addition to New Rock 93.3 The Planet, the other stations that are located here are B93.7, Rock 101.1, Magic 98.9 and WORD 106.3. All of the radio stations that operate here have a good local following.

New Rock 93.3 The Planet will be celebrating their 14th anniversary this year with a Birthday Bash on October 2, 2010 at Charter Amphitheater at Heritage Park in Simpsonville, SC. I have to admit that New Rock 93.3 does continue to get better and better each year with their Birthday Bash and I am proud to say that I have been listening to New Rock 93.3 since the very first day they began broadcasting. I hope to be able to cover the event here with stories, pictures and hopefully video as well. Six great bands will be playing at the Birthday Bash concert this year: Stone Temple Pilots, Five Finger Death Punch, Skillet, Drowning Pool, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Tab. The Birthday Bash will definitely be an amazing show this year so be sure to start making your plans today.

The Rise Guys have played a major role in putting New Rock 93.3 where it is today. I hope they will never leave Greenville, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they become nationally syndicated one day. The Rise Guys actually refers to two guys, Mattman and Fatboy. The Rise Guys Morning Show actually consists of five main people now, although there are interns and other staff of Entercom that sometimes play a role in their shows. In addition to Mattman and Fatboy, there is Paige, Nine and Jeff Lewis Neal. I will not even begin to get into the numerous nicknames they have for each other.

The Rise Guys have developed national fame because of their interaction with their listeners, modern take on radio and fresh new skits/stunts that they come up with (most of the time). People that listen to their show can sign up on New Rock 93.3′s website to become a “P1″. The P1s are the radio station’s loyal listeners. Radio stations across the country have developed this same idea once The Rise Guys made it work. The Rise Guys have done a wide variety of things that a radio DJ would have never considered 15 years ago. They have video broadcasts from their studio, stream podcasts, stream live radio on the internet, write blogs, invite guests into their studio for games, run crazy/awesome pranks and are always trying to be talking about something provocative. They have had their fair share of law troubles and even been close to getting fired, but those incidents likely only made their following strong.

I look forward to continued years of listening to The Rise Guys, as I am doing at this very moment (rockin’ at work, woot!), and also joining them in October for their Birthday Bash. My birthday is only a couple of days after theirs, so I always use their Birthday Bash as a celebration of my own.

New Rock 93.3 The Planet
25 Garlington Road
Greenville, SC 29615
(864) 271-9200

Birthday Bash 2010
Heritage Park Amphitheater
861 Southeast Main Street
Simpsonville, SC 29681
(864) 757-1167

The Rise Guys Birthday Bash

The Rise Guys Morning Show

New Rock 93.3 The Planet Van

New Rock 93.3 The Planet Van

Entercom Sign Listing Radio Stations

Entercom Sign Listing Radio Stations

Entercom Radio Tower Greenville SC

Protect the tower at all costs, city-wide boredom would erupt otherwise!

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