Christopher and Sharon Look Murder-Suicide Shootings

A divorced couple, Christopher and Sharon Look, were found dead inside of their Anderson, SC home today. Although the couple was divorced, they were apparently living together again to try to save their marriage. The apparent murder-suicide shootings took place at Christopher and Sharon Look’s home at 2601 Pope Drive in Anderson, SC.

The Anderson Police Department is still investigating the incident, but it appears as though Christopher Look shot his wife, Sharon Look, in the head and then shot himself. A relative of Christopher and Sharon Look discovered their bodies today after not being able to reach the couple by phone. Until the investigation is complete, the deaths are being ruled as murder-suicide shootings.

Christopher and Sharon Look had a young child that was not home at the time of the murder-suicide shootings.

I think it is terrible to hear news like this going on in our community. It is hard to stand by and watch your marriage go down the gutter, but shooting yourself and your wife is never the answer. Christopher Look should have been willing to simply walk away from Sharon. I suspect that Sharon Look was going to be leaving Christopher Look again and he decided to end their lives instead of letting that happen. Christopher Look should have realized that this was a selfish act because now his child is going to grow up without parents, living in foster homes.

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