Frankies Fun Park

If you live in Greenville, SC, Frankie’s Fun Park is quite possibly one of your child’s local wonderlands. Frankie’s Fun Park was built when I was a child and I have many fond memories of the place. Now, I take my own children there and they have just as much fun as I did. One of the things that has changed at Frankie’s Fun Park over the years is it’s inclusion of a Johnny Rocket’s Restaurant inside.

Frankie’s Fun Park in Greenville, SC is conveniently located off Woodruff Rd and Miller Rd on Park Woodruff Dr. It is between I-85 and I-385, very close to where the interstates intersect.

My son loves the new fun house that they built. The fun house is a huge play gym that is probably 30 feet tall, if not more. There are all sorts of things to do inside like climbing activities, swinging and sliding. The slides inside of the fun house are mostly huge, flat pieces of plastic that are rather tall and long. Since I have a young boy, I was allowed to accompany him in the fun house for free. To be honest, if they let me and I wouldn’t be looked down on for it, I would pay to go in there by myself for a while. Most of it isn’t geared for adults, especially not 6 feet plus guys like myself, but the slides are amazing fun. I was easily able to get a lot more speed and distance than my children.  If your children, ages 2 – 12, can stay content not playing video games or racing cars, the fun house is an excellent budget friendly activity for a day.

Frankie’s Fun Park really has too many different activities to discuss in complete detail here, but I do want to mention as many as I can think of. Mini-golf is great at Frankie’s. My wife and I enjoy playing a round when we can get a date night free from the kids. They have bumper boats, go-karts, outdoor slides, batting cages, indoor laser tag and of course the almighty video game room.

Places like Frankie’s Fun Park can be a lot of fun, but they can also be overwhelming and expensive experiences for parents. I don’t think these entertainment activities should be avoided for children. They definitely shouldn’t be allowed complete freedom with these activities. Your best bet is to determine what you are going to be doing before you go there. Have a discussion with your kids and try to come to a mutual understanding about what you are going there to do. Doing this will allow you to maintain a budget as well as keep some control when you get there. If you simply tell your kids that you are going to Frankie’s Fun Park, their imaginations will be begin to run wild with all the things they want to do there. Once they get there, they will be running around and screaming because of the sheer excitement of everything. Even if you satisfy their every whim for the entire night, you will likely end up having to drag them away kicking and screaming. Don’t let yourself or them go down that route because it is a difficult mistake to recover from.

Frankie’s Fun Park
45 Park Woodruff Drive
Greenville, SC 29607
(864) 627-9888

Frankie's Fun Park - Greenville, SC

Frankie's Fun Park, The Entertainment Mecca - Greenville, SC

Johnny Rocket's Restaurant - Greenville, SC

Johnny Rocket's Restaurant - Greenville, SC

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