Oak Grove Lake Park

Thousands of people drive very close to Oak Grove Lake Park in Greenville, SC each day, but many people may not even know it exists. Oak Grove Lake is likely best known for it’s fishing, peaceful setting, jogging track around the lake and natural wildlife. I have included a map of it’s location at the bottom of this post. On Google Maps, they show County Rd 183 off of Roper Mountain Rd. County Rd is actually labeled Oak Grove Lake Rd, with a tiny 183, on the street sign at Roper Mountain Rd. Just turn onto Oak Grove Lake Rd and follow it until you reach the lake. The park is maintained by the Greenville County Recreation District.

There are a lot of fish in the lake including very large koi, bream, catfish and largemouth bass, but it is a difficult location to fish in because of the large amount of algae growth on the bottom of the lake. Your best bet is usually to use a bobber but have a long line below it. You will want the hook to be close to the bottom of the lake but not close enough to get stuck in the algae. The park itself is open from sunrise to sunset each day but fishing is actually limited to just Wednesday and Saturday. Minnows and snagging devices are not allowed. Adults will also need a fishing license to fish at Oak Grove Lake.

While the park may seem like a great location for a number of your favorite hobbies, you will need to refrain from hunting, camping, drinking, swimming and feeding the birds. Pets are allowed at the park, but they must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet. You will also be responsible for ‘cleaning’ up after them.

This lake has been around for quite a while, although it was completely dry and unmaintained for a number of years. I remember fishing there when I was a child and running around chasing geese. Although it is hard to say for sure, I believe it looks better now than it ever has.

I highly recommend this park for a peaceful getaway from the nearby hectic city life. The jogging track that circles the park is a 8/10 of a mile long, making it an excellent location for that morning or evening workout. Since this location is not overly well known, it is not as busy as some of the other parks in Greenville, like Reedy River Falls Park. It is surrounded by a number of residential areas. Turtle Creek Apartments and the neighborhoods Dove Tree, Oak Point and Bradley Station are all in walking distance of the lake.

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Oak Grove Lake Park
Oak Grove Lake Rd.
Greenville, SC 29615

Greenville County Recreation District
(864) 288-6470

Oak Grove Lake Park in Greenville, SC

Oak Grove Lake in Greenville, SC


Rules for Oak Grove Lake Park

Rules for Oak Grove Lake Park


Turn off Roper Mountain Rd onto Oak Grove Lake Rd

Turn onto Oak Grove Lake Rd off of Roper Mountain Rd


Oak Grove Lake showing nearly all of the lake

Picture from one end of Oak Grove Lake, showing almost the entire lake

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