Phillip Graham Fights Robber With Swiffer

Phillip Graham, a married 71 year old from Spartanburg, SC, was barged in on by an armed robber last night. Phillip Graham was in the middle of cleaning his kitchen while his wife was in the shower. He had been throwing some trash outside and left his door unlocked. As he was sweeping his kitchen floor with his Swiffer, a man barged in through the back door of his Spartanburg, SC home.

Phillip Graham then proceeded to attack the man with his Swiffer. After the head broke off of the Swiffer, he still continued to jab at the robber with the Swiffer pole. The robber eventually fled from the home after being beaten with a Swiffer by an elderly man.

Phillip Graham is proud of his Swiffer defense and hopes it will make young people think twice before trying to rob the elderly again.

I completely agree with Phillip Graham and applaud him for his actions. Being married myself, I am confident that I would defend my home with whatever I happened to have handy at the time. Hopefully Phillip Graham will give others, especially older people, the courage to fight back and defend themselves.

Home robberies have increased in frequency over the last couple of years as the economy went sour. Elderly people are some of the most frequent targets for these home robbers. It is refreshing to see a home robbery on an elderly couple end positively.

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