Spartanburg Home Invasion Robbery Help Needed

The Spartanburg Police Department has arrested one suspect, Jocques Earl Miller, and is searching for two others in connection with a home invasion robbery of Doris Letmon’s home on Charlie Mae Campbell Lane in Spartanburg, SC. Jocques Earl Miller, an 18 year old, has been arrested and is being charged with the home invasion robbery. Another suspect was also captured and then released after the victim verified him to not be one of the home invaders.

Spartanburg Public Safety is searching for the remaining two suspects that, along with Jocques Earl Miller, knocked on a woman’s door and proceeded to tell her they needed help because their mother was hurt. When the woman opened the door, the suspects invaded the house, pulled a gun on the woman and stole her purse.

Anybody that has any kind of information regarding this case is asked to contact CrimeStoppers at (864) 58-CRIME.

It seems like every couple of days there is a report about a home invasion robbery and the victim is usually elderly. It is a shame that today’s youth sees older people as an easy target for robbery and home invasion crimes. They are also often the target of identity and credit card theft. I wish I could come up with a suggestion to help the victims or potential future victims of these horrible crimes that take advantage of human nature, but unfortunately, I believe crimes like this will continue indefinitely.

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