Swiffer Man Gets Free Swiffer And National Support

Philip Graham, the 71 year old man from Spartanburg, SC, who fought off a home invader with a Swiffer Sweeper has quickly become known as “The Swiffer Man”. Although the story of Philip Graham and his Swiffer Sweeper happened locally in Spartanburg, SC, the story has been heard all across the country.

I have personally seen a lot of national support for the Swiffer man, Philip Graham. My previous story about the Swiffer man was talked about on a number of national message board websites. A lot of the people were able to relate to the story because they had experiences with broken Swiffer Sweepers.

While a Swiffer Sweeper is a fairly flimsy product and I have personally broken one while cleaning my kitchen, it is extremely handy and a wonderful invention for millions of people. I find myself putting a little too much effort into my cleaning to use something that isn’t really sturdy.

Philip Graham, the Swiffer man, was lucky that they are designed somewhat cheaply. His home defense was likely aided by the fact that the Swiffer broke, giving him a nice pointy object to thrust at his invader.

Philip Graham has reported that Procter & Gamble sent him a free replacement Swiffer Sweeper. They also hooked him up with a ton of free Swiffer products like the WetJet, Refills, Duster and SweeperVac. I believe that was somewhat a publicity stunt by Procter & Gamble but definitely a clever one. I wouldn’t be surprised if Swiffer sales have jumped since the story of his home invader defense. If nothing else, Procter & Gamble has received a lot of free publicity over this robbery.

Again, I give my support to Mr. Graham and applaud him for his actions. Show those thieves that you can’t mess around with the elderly!

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