Teachers Grabarkiewicz and Lindsay Arrested For Underage Sex

Audrey Grabarkiewicz and Sarah Lindsay, teachers in Spartanburg, SC, were arrested this week by the Spartanburg Police Department on charges of having underage sex with teens as well as providing them with alcohol and marijuana. Both of the teachers, Audrey Grabarkiewicz and Sarah Lindsay, are being charged with numerous counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Sarah Lindsay is also being charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor 11 to 14 years old. Audrey Grabarkiewicz was having sex with the teens that were attending their parties, but the teens involved in sexual relations with Grabarkiewicz were not underage according to South Carolina law.

Audrey Grabarkiewicz was a daycare teacher at Lake Bowen Baptist Church. Sarah Lindsay was employed as a fourth grade teacher at Boiling Springs Elementary School. Neither of the cases involve any of the students taught by these teachers and did not take place on school property.

I am truly shocked when I hear of stories like this one about underage sex, drugs and alcohol with teenagers. Even more shocking is the fact that it was our educators who committed the crimes. Teachers are supposed to be doing what their job title implies, teaching! The actions of these two woman are teaching our youth that partying, drinking and having random sex are acceptable behavior when they should be teaching kids the exact opposite.

I am a believer that if someone has bad habits that they enjoy, they can continue to do them if they are not hurting others. If you want to drink alcohol in the privacy of your own home, go right ahead and do just that because you have the right to. You do not have the right to solicit the youth of our community and encourage them to join you in this sort of behavior, even if they want to.

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  • Demeter

    Wasn’t Lindsay a 4-K teacher..My son had her last year..and yeah..this whole thing..GUH!…and this other lady who was a daycare teacher at a baptist church!….Just another reason why I am NOT affiliated with any organized religion, full of sick bastards, who can sit there and judge people like me who are not right with Jesus, and these ppl go out and screw kids.

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