Using Dog Crates To House Train Your Dog

Dog crates are one of the best house training tools that you can buy for your dog. In addition to that, a dog crate will help to keep your house protected and safe while you are away.

You may already know that a dog crate is the best way to house train a dog, but did you know that if you pick from the wrong dog crate sizes, your dog crate may actually be ineffective?

Your dog should only have a couple of inches of clearance in their dog cage in both height and width. Your dog should be able to turn around, stand up and lie down comfortably but any additional room will have negative effects.

Dog crates are effective because dogs have the natural tendency to keep their home clean. They will not want to use the bathroom where they eat or sleep, assuming the space is small enough. Dogs in the wild live in dens and this is a natural habit developed from that. If you give your dog too much room, they will feel like they can use the bathroom in one area of their cage while they sleep in another.

Even if you provide your dog with a properly sized dog crate, you will still need to make sure you walk your dog on a regular basis – at least a couple of times each day. If you do not do this, they will have no choice but to use the bathroom in their crate. Once they have developed this habit, it will be hard to break so be sure to keep a proactive approach from day one.

Not all dog crates are created equal. Make sure you are buying a quality cage that will last many years or else you could end up buying numerous cheap dog crates over the lifespan of your dog. Midwest makes some of the best dog crates in the world and they offer many different sizes, models and designs.

If you would like some more information on dog crate sizes or specific quality dog crates, take a look here:

Midwest Dog Crate Sizes

Midwest Dog Crate Sizes

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