When is Daylight Savings Time Change 2010

A lot of people have recently been asking when is daylight savings time change in 2010? Not only in Greenville, SC but also all across the world, we will turn the clocks back one hour in fall of 2010.

The magical day is actually a week from today. The daylight savings time change in fall of 2010 is on Sunday November 7 at 2am. Most people will want to turn the clocks back one hour on Saturday night, November 6, 2010 before they go to sleep.

Many people may wonder why we even have daylight savings time or where it came from. Even more curious may be the reason why we turn the clocks back at 2am. That time was originally picked in the USA because it caused the least amount of problems and confusion. The least amount of trains were running at that time of the morning and it did not affect many bars, restaurants or businesses. Ultimately, it was decided as a good time to change the clocks back because all of the continental United States would be on the new time by daybreak. It also prevented the day from changing, which is why it wasn’t set at 12 or 1am.

Originally, daylight savings time started in the USA in 1918 and was observed for a period of seven months, from April until October. Germany and Austria were the first countries to enact daylight savings time. They did so in 1916 in an effort to conserve fuel. Many other European countries adopted daylight savings time immediately after Germany and Austria. Other countries of the world followed suit within a couple of years.

Halloween has actually has it’s lasting impression on the daylight savings time change. Before 2007, daylight savings time used to end a few days before Halloween. In 2007, a law was passed to extend daylight savings time until the first Sunday in November (which will be November 7, 2010 this year). This was done in an effort to improve safety for trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, when pedestrian deaths of children are four times higher than on any other night of the year. By extending daylight savings time into November, kids on Halloween get an extra hour or daylight, which was supposed to help increase their safety. In studies that have followed, this daylight savings time extension in fall 2010 has actually not helped keep our kids safe because they have just been waiting an hour later, when it gets dark, to go trick-or-treat.

Help make the purpose of this 2007 law for daylight savings time change a success. Send your kids out to trick-or-treat while it is still light outside tonight. You should always walk with your kids while they trick-or-treat on Halloween and reduce the urge to follow along in your car because this ends up being a primary cause of children pedestrian deaths.

Have a safe and happy Halloween Greenville, SC!

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Daylight Savings Time Change 2010 For Halloween Trick-Or-Treat

Daylight Savings Time Change 2010 For Halloween Trick-Or-Treat

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