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Yes, it’s that dreadful time of year again – time to do your taxes! If you’re like me, you don’t have a clue when it comes to doing your own income tax preparation. I could figure out how to do my own taxes, but I would never be able to be confident that I actually did a good job. This is why I use local tax preparation services in Greenville, SC and Simpsonville, SC that I trust.

Many people take shortcuts when it comes to filing their income tax return. They will try to do it on their own or use software to help them. The truth is that most of these people end up making mistakes or leaving things out that can actually cost you more money.

Personally, I am used to getting a nice federal income tax refund each year because I use a tax preparation service in Greenville that knows what they are doing.

I do not go to the typical “chain” tax preparation businesses. Many people use these businesses every single year to file their income tax return, simply because it is easy or to avoid the hassle of doing it yourself.

I won’t name any particular chain tax preparation services that I don’t like, but I find them to be overpriced and lacking in professional experience. These places seem to be accustomed to doing fairly simple tax returns and love to get their customers in the door by using a “free” tax preparation advertisement. The truth is that this practice is really just a gimmick for the majority of people because they will need more than just that simple form filled out. When you get your real bill, you see why they are able to advertise the “free” service.

If you have ever paid hundreds of dollars to get your taxes done, I am going to let you in on a little secret in Greenville and Simpsonville, SC in the tax preparation industry.

That secret is a business called Stevenson Tax and Accounting, located at 413-A South East Main Street in Simpsonville, SC. They have been there for four years, but the President, David Stevenson, has been my tax preparer for my entire working life! He actually has over 35 years of experience in tax preparation and a wide variety of financial and accounting related fields, which has even included CFO positions at small to large size companies.

This is a family business that has a very friendly, welcoming atmosphere and also very affordable prices, which generally beat all of the competitors. They always run a first-time customer special of $80 for a standard tax return. If you’ve paid a chain business before, you know how great of a price this is. Their normal price even beats the standard price of the competition for this service.

Even if their price wasn’t affordable and competitive, I would still use Stevenson Tax & Accounting for my tax preparation services because they really know what they are doing. Whether you have a standard tax return or a complicated return with dozens of forms, like mine, they will know how to get you the largest refund that you are entitled to receive.

I also challenge you to bring in your past tax returns to Stevenson Tax & Accounting for a review. They are often able to file amendments to previous tax returns to recover money that you should have already received! They actually find that a decent percentage of ALL tax returns filed were done improperly and have been able to recover hundreds or even thousands of dollars for people.

If you have used a chain tax preparation service in the past or done it on your own, you will not get money from the IRS unless you claim everything on your tax return. There are special laws, deductions and many other aspects that can affect the dollar amount of your federal income tax refund. If you did not know that you could deduct a particular expense, you likely lost money and will continue to lose money until you have someone experienced prepare your income taxes.

Whether you would like a review of past tax returns or simply want a new preparer with great reviews and results, Stevenson Tax & Accounting in Simpsonville/Greenville will not let you down. They can even help you out with business taxes, bookkeeping services, payroll and any other type of accounting services.

Be sure to tell them sent you!

Stevenson Tax & Accounting – Tax Preparation Services
413-A South East Main Street
Simpsonville, SC 29681
(864) 757-9791

Stevenson Tax & Accounting - Tax Preparation Service Greenville SC

Stevenson Tax & Accounting - Tax Preparation Service Greenville SC

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