Author Info actually has two authors. It is run by a family that lives in Greenville, SC. Greenville is not only a great place to visit but also a great place to live. There is a very strong family oriented community here, making it a great place to raise children.

Ryan has lived in South Carolina for 28 years. The only other place he has lived was in Atlanta, GA while attending college at the Art Institute of Atlanta. He was raised in Greenville, SC and now he is raising his own children here. By profession, Ryan has worked in restaurant management and cooking. One of his long standing passions has always been computers. That hobby led to him doing website design, computer graphics, website programming and content writing. This passion has been applied to creating/running his own websites and freelancing his services to others. Ryan also enjoys the outdoors, nature and gardening.

Sara has lived in Greenville, SC for 12 years and is originally from Oxford, CT. Sara moved here at the beginning of high school, where she met her future husband, Ryan. She loves art, nature, shopping, clothes and fashion. She has also always had a love for modeling and acting, although she was never presented with an opportunity to get into it professionally. When Sara is not spending time with her two children or husband, she likes drawing, talking walks outside and playing pool. If you are male and have a fear of losing to women, be sure not to challenge Sara to a game of pool.